Went swimming Hookipa beach today for a windsurf photoshoot.

First swell of the year. Really unexpected swell on the North Shore of Maui. Hookipa was on fire and I could shoot some pro riders like Levi Siver, Marcilio Brown, Keith Teboul… and Micky Eskimo too.

Maui will return to the winter soon, the North swells should hit starting September

Levi Siver on a big section


windsurf-hookipa hookipa-windsurf-bottom-turm

Marcilio Browne doing a goiterMarcilio-Brawzinho-Browne-aerial-hookipa-windsurf hookipa-windsurf Marcilio-Brawzinho-Browne-bottom-turn-hookipa-windsurf

Not too many people on the Hookipa cliffs. It will be busier for the Aloha Classic 2015 this fall.Marcilio-Brawzinho-Browne-bottomturn-hookipa-windsurf

Keith Teboul testing some new Quatro boards.keith-teboul-hookipa-windsurfkeith-teboul-hookipa-windsurf-bottom-turn